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Do I Need A Medical Malpractice Lawyer In New Jersey?

Did you or a loved one seek care or treatment for a condition, illness or injury and, instead of experiencing better health, have they suffered otherwise? If so, you may have been a victim of medical malpractice.

This happens often? Well, that’s, look at the worst possible outcome, death, as a result of medical malpractice. Estimates of the annual death rate from 98,000 to as many as 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care and suffer some avoidable harm that contributes to death.

It’s almost impossible to estimate the number of patients who come to the hospital for care that they suffer some avoidable harm.

We cannot expect medical attention to be perfect. We can (and in fact have the right to) expect you to surrender most safely and carefully possible. However, sometimes mistakes happen.

Maybe the doctor diagnoses a condition, or a nurse administers the wrong medication; perhaps a careless surgeon took a crucial step during the surgery, or perhaps his condition worsened merely because a piece of medical equipment was not properly sterilized. When a situation worsens the illness or injury due, instead of in spite of, medical care, medical malpractice may have occurred. If you suspect this is something that happened to you or a loved one, you should seriously consider getting the services of a medical malpractice lawyer in New Jersey.

When to hire a medical malpractice lawyer

A decision about whether to hire a medical malpractice lawyer in New Jersey is one not to be taken lightly. Competent medical malpractice attorneys can help preserve your rights, protect your interests and claim compensation in your favor from the medical professional or facility potentially liable for the damages caused.

Knowing when to hire a lawyer is as important as hiring the lawyer. Why? Because the New Jersey statute of limitations prevents legal action to recover for personal injuries, such as medical malpractice after a certain period from when the act or omission caused the damage occurred. A medical malpractice lawyer in New Jersey will be able to identify the dates that are relevant to any claim or claim that you may be able to file.